Moscow region, Korolev, st. Chapaeva, d.5 (cadastral number 50: 45: 0040921: 5)
Square 28 500 m2
Floors 17 floors + 2 (underground parking)
Stage Concept
Completed work - Architectural concept (including development of the master plan and engineering networks)
- Territory planning project
Project Description

As part of this project, our company developed the concept of a 3-sectional residential complex with underground parking, taking into account the landing of the building on the site in the context of the existing development. On the first floors of the complex there are commercial premises, from the second floor - apartments. The concept was developed within the framework of the Territory Planning Project in the amount necessary for coordinating decisions at the Ministry of the Construction Complex of the Moscow Region (planting on the site, architectural solutions, preliminary engineering study).