ЖК «Freedom» - Портфолио ГЕФЕСТ ПРОЕКТ

ЖК «Freedom»

LCD «Freedom»

Moscow, 3rd Silikatny pr-d, owner. 4, Bldg. 2
Square 91 261 m2
Floors building 1 (2-23-27), building 2 (31-36), building 3 (16-19) + 2-3 (underground parking)
Stage Project documentation
Completed work Project documentation (EP, TBE, KPR, EE, OZDS, PTA, TR)
Project Description

Residential complex of premium class. In the eastern part of the territory of the complex, a 27-storey residential building (building 1) with a built-in two-storey DOO and a two-level underground parking lot with a single track ramp is to be placed. Two other buildings (building 2 - 36 floors with a three-level underground parking and building 3 - 19 floors with a two-level underground parking) are located in the western part of the territory.