ЖК «Кузьминки корп. 1» - Портфолио ГЕФЕСТ ПРОЕКТ

ЖК «Кузьминки корп. 1»

LCD Kuzminki Bldg. 1

Moscow, rn Kuzminki, kv.116, building 1 (st. Shumilova)
Square 14 313 m2
Floors 24 floors
Stage Project documentation, Working documentation
Completed work Project documentation:
✓ internal engineering systems (EOM, SS, OB, VK, APT, ITP, TX) and on-site networks
✓ special sections (POS, PB, KEO, TR)
Working documentation:
✓ internal engineering systems and on-site networks
✓ coordination of CST in OPS
Positive conclusion No 77-1-1-3-005080-2019 dated 03/07/2019 (MGE)
Project Description

The building is a 24-storey single-section residential building (“tower”) with an underground floor and the first non-residential floor, with dimensions of 24.87 × 25.31 m. In the underground floor there are technical premises: ITP, ventilation chamber, pumping station with water metering unit, equipment room SS. On the ground floor (elevation 0.000) there are: entrances to the residential part of the building with concierge and bathroom, trash chambers, switchboards, a complex of SLM rooms with a bathroom and an IWP, rooms without a specific functional purpose (office), with bathrooms (including MGN) and ISPs. On the typical floors there are 7 apartments: 1 - one and three rooms, 5 - two rooms.