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LCD Discovery

Moscow, st. Dybenko, 7
Square 123 169 m2
Floors 30 floors of the tower + 3 floors of the shopping center + 2 floors underground parking
Stage Project documentation
Completed work Project documentation (POS, OOS, ODI, KEO, EE, POD, OZDS, TR)
Positive conclusion 77-2-1-3-1641-18 dated 05/06/2018 (MGE)
Project Description

The residential complex is a massive space-planning object, which consists of 4 residential towers of the same height and height, united by a single stylobate part of the shopping center. In addition, the underground part of the towers is combined through two underground levels. On the first floors there are entrance halls and rooms for various public purposes (rental premises, etc.), short-stay groups. From 2 to 30 floors apartments are located.